daniel gak

[ dæn.jəl ] [ Dan - i - El ] [ gɑːk ] Spanish.

(person.) Software developer specialized in backend development and system design according to product requirements.

1. With a multidisciplinary profile, Daniel Gak is a Software Engineer that has gained his experience working mainly in the startup world, fast product iteration, solving issues smoothly and making the best possible decisions according to customers, stakeholders and team members.

2. With a soft economic background, he provides a solid profile in effective development of features, infrastructure and integrations.

[ gym - zone ] [ jim - zown ] English.

(project.) A forum like social network for an existing community of sports people. It provides a theoretical base and a learning roadmap at the gym.

1. Fully autonomous project where I partnered with an associate as a consultant/developer managing technical and product decisions.

2. From a technical point of view a social network always brings challenges with visibility of shared resources, update race conditions and management/optimization of images.

3. Use of Typescript, Nextjs, GCP, Terraform and PostgreSQL.

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